Turn Your Pain Into Peace

Heal into Fulfillment


Are you struggling to find inner PEACE?


Do you yearn to feel more CONNECTED to yourself?


Perhaps it's time to HEAL.


When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.

Lao Tzu

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Hi there, my name is Hoda, I’m a transformation coach and speaker based in Berlin. My expertise lies in Hypnosis, Shadow Work and Inner Child Healing, all stemming from Jungian Psychoanalysis.


I see my role as a catalyst of transformation through exploring the effects of the individual’s inner masculine-feminine energy dynamics on their external reality.

Having myself overcome decades of trauma and abuse, while accumulating 18 years of language teaching, 11 years of confidence coaching, and 3 years of transformative coaching experience, I offer a safe space for your healing and transformation into the version of yourself that feels more like home.

One on One Coaching

Healing sessions that include 


and may include Shadow Work, leaving you feeling REFRESHED

and ready to take on what's ahead!

Excellent if you feel you need CLOSURE around:

1. Loss of a loved one  2. A traumatic breakup

3. How someone particular treated you during your upbringing

Demystifying Hypnosis:


"My Whole life I suffered from depression, panic attacks and anxiety and I didn't know where it was coming from...when I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, I realised I have to do something to not pass on all this to my son. I wanted to break the pattern which is why I reached out to Hoda...a match from the beginning! Hoda is so loving, caring and there's no feeling of judgment or shame at all in working with her. Before Hoda I did not believe in Hypnosis at all but after the first session my mind was blown! (In summary), all my relationships have changed. Not only the one with myself, but with my fiancé, and every one of my family members! I've recorded my "before" self, and the before/after video speaks for itself, please watch it on Hoda's Youtube channel!"

Selina Hofstetter

"I didn’t really know what to expect from my session with Hoda, it was a truly eye opening and deeply moving experience. She gave me some tools to change my mindset and I feel like they have already had a positive impact. I can truly recommend her to anyone who is looking for some guidance and inspiration in their lives.”

Eva Japp

"The thing that I really like about you is that you're so passionate about your work of working with people to heal their traumas. Also, sometimes when you have a mentor, it's scary! But you're very natural and I can really open up to you because you talk to me as a friend and not as someone above me... Since we started working together, major things have happened in my life and I've integrated so much, I'm so grateful for all of it!"

Maria Rosenthal

"Beautiful! I am grateful and truly appreciate you and what you're doing! Thank you Hoda for helping me bring peace to my mind, love to my heart and calm to my spirit!"

Fairy Boroumandi

“My experience with Hoda Zekavat couldn't have been better. She empowered me with great tools to deliver a better public speech, made me feel completely safe, relaxed and gain confidence in our session. She is a very sensitive and practical person. That means that she not only noticed me and my own needs, crafting something to my limitations and urgency but she managed to do that in a very short period of time, so I could see results instantly. It was amazing to see someone who can not only see how you could improve but also take you there in such a straightforward, smooth and fulfilling way. Thank you."

Livia Zimermann A. Durigan

“Having a one-to-one session with Hoda is like having the benefit of reading 100s of books and getting all of her wisdom on a weekly basis. She has totally changed my perspective on life. Her positive energy is contagious and it really just does something for my spirit. She has motivated me in every step of my professional and my personal life.

I feel truly blessed to have met you and through you so many other beautiful people. Thank you Hoda!”

Amra Kötschau-Krilic

“The coaching session with you was fantastic! Thank you! A new inner door was being opened.  I highly recommend Hoda!  You would love her charming way to bring you a step ahead. Many thanks.”

Hazel HooHerzog

"My reality shifted in just eight weeks. I felt so much unconditional self-love because Hoda helped me to find it within myself. She showed me how to heal, play and be present for others by being the best version for myself first, then for others. My mind was blown...I'm really really thankful for this journey!"

Jim Kranz

"Hoda Zekavat is an incredibly authentic and heartfelt human being - she's helped me deal with personal challenges including the loss of a parent as well as self-doubt and criticism."

David Miro Grund

“It was such a wonderful experience to join this life coaching workshop. I learned alot about life and brain techniques and meditation. Many thanks for the intelligent coach Hoda Zekavat”

Rashad Idris

"Throughout our journey, Hoda helped me to understand the Mother Wound, where it comes from, how it infected my life...and she gave me all the tools to feel safe enough to go the rest of the way without her. I can just say that (the journey) was truly life-changing and I can't thank her enough." 

Chris Lohmann

I highly recommend a journey with Hoda. (On my journey with her) I was able to see what was pulling me back from achieving results, which in my case was getting the job I wanted. She coached me to connect with my inner self and to learn to reach out for help, which is something I've struggled with... Hoda has played one of the most important roles in my life. She's one of the most compassionate human beings I've met. Thank you for your presence and your beautiful footprints in my life. 

Pooja Garg

You cannot tell a flower to bloom faster. But you can surely add nutrients.

I deal to you your dose of nutrients. Your only job will be to be as open as the flower is to absorption.

He who knows others is wise,
he who knows himself is enlightened.

Lao Tzu


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