It's not the opposite, it's the complement.

Phalva is the combination of the words Phallus and Vulva, representing the balance between the inner masculine and feminine energy dynamics that exist in all of us regardless of gender or sexual orientation.


In plain English…


Phalva stands for the two caregivers whose sperm and egg brought you into existence, then raised you either together or separately:


one with the most “Phallic”, or masculine energy in the home environment of your childhood, and the other caregiver with the most “Vulvic”, or feminine energy in the household.



Each of these masculine and feminine energies and how they interacted with each other became a blueprint in your mind as a child. That blueprint has become the map in your mind that is navigating your relationships today.


The caretaker with mostly phallic energy likely lacked connection with their own healthy inner vulvic energy, and the one with mostly vulvic energy likely was out of touch with their healthy inner phallic energy.


Depending on numerous factors, this likely caused you to separate the two energies from each other, getting you to lean toward one energy more naturally, while rejecting, neglecting or misunderstanding the other.

And this shows up in your relationship with family, with a romantic partner, with close friends, with your business, and/or with money.


Rest assured, that's the majority of the bipedal animals living on the face of the planet today.


Most of us are not living from a place of 'Phalva' (the beautiful balance between these inner energies), and your feminine and masculine could probably use some soothing reconciliation.


That sweet spot of balance I’ve chosen to call Phalva isn’t out of reach. It’s a journey, and it's one of the most fulfilling.


Click the link below and take the free quiz 'Love Your Phalva' to understand where you stand with your own Phalva.

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Lao Tzu