"Be prepared for many AHA moments! This 6-days course 'Who Am I?' was the perfect start for my transforming journey - I learned a lot about my own and others' behaviors. I saw all the layers that were created during my upbringing and many things just got crystal clear - why am I behaving, in certain situations, like this? I became aware of my thoughts & patterns and unmasked them.

I repeated the course 6 months later and was surprised to get a lot of new value out of it again. This course contains so much clearly explained, easy-to-understand information about your brain and mind, plus exercises to reflect on and get you out of your comfort zone.
Recognizing that our true nature is love, connection and compassion underneath all these above mentioned layers brought my consciousness to a new level. Thank you Hoda!"

"After completing 'Who Am I?' and the live Q&A with Hoda, I feel more connected to my purpose than I have in years (or perhaps ever before). As someone who has struggled with an inner critic and self-destructive habits, I began to identify what is holding me back and came to fully comprehend my needs, beliefs and my infinite potential. I highly recommend this course, whether you are just starting to develop personally and question your self-limiting beliefs or if you've been doing inner work for a long time, you will walk away feeling inspired, energised and transformed. Thank you Hoda."

"Thank you Hoda for this incredible course, KYKP 'Who Am I?' I thought it was extremely well-planned, well laid-out and easy for me to follow. The work load was just enough, so I could finish everything in little time and not feel over loaded and rushed. Practicing self-reflection freed me from the past and has made me more aware of how I am feeling at the moment! What an amazing experience and a huge reminder about the power I have over my own life. Thank you again."

"Do you have a lot of WHYs about yourself or just simply would like to know yourself better? Then this is a MUST course for you.
Learning about yourself is a journey; Hoda will take your hand and will walk with you each and every step of the way to ensure you have a solid understanding of yourself.
She innately possess all the coveted intangibles one looks for in an instructor: passion, motivation and a positive attitude.

I highly recommend this course by Hoda. Time well-spent! Guaranteed!"

"I wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone eager to grow, to expand their mind or to gain the upper hand in changing their attitudes and habits. I'm very thankful for the impulses for personal reflection and the eye-opening revelation of the significance of attitudes and ideas that we've taken for granted in the past without truly understanding their impact. This course will help you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and understanding, and propel you towards liberation from those persistent harmful habits and negative thoughts we all know and dislike."

"Beautiful! I am grateful and truly appreciate you and what you’re doing! It made me become more curious to explore myself. Thank you Hoda for helping me bring peace to my mind, love to my heart and calm to my spirit!"

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You cannot tell a flower to bloom faster. But you can surely add fertilizer.

I deal to you your dose of nutrients. Your only job will be to remain as open as the flower is to absorption. 


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Public Speaking Coaching

Speaking Skills

Know Yourself Know Power  Workshops

Know Yourself Know Power workshop is the heart of Phalva.

It is a comprehensive series of workshops that start out by shedding light on how we become who we are as adults, and the interplay of the brain and body (your greatest tools). They soon segue into the focal topic of how the male-female energy dynamic has affected who we are today and how we tend to cope in relationships because of this dynamic, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

In order to master these tools, I’ve created workshops that hinge on performative storytelling, because I believe stories, myths and their dramatization are the backbone of truly perceiving any concept. The stories chosen are those we were inevitably exposed to growing up, but with a fresh take that aims to clarify our focus on the mind and all that it encompasses, including our most vital need: relationships.

Workshop series and the stories they are based on:

1. Who Am I? Dilectus and Cawr

We all have so many voices in our heads that hinder our goals. We'd much prefer they weren't there. But they're in each and every one of our minds and we're not only fed up with them, we feel the urgency to do something about them.

This workshop is a step you can take to that end:

We'll cover five elements that shape who we are, how the child's mind is programmed and when it all begins, then move onto the wonderful news of how the adult mind can be "reprogrammed" (i.e. unlearn old beliefs and habits and replace them with ones that serve you).


- Dr. Carl Gustav Jung
- Dr. Yuval Harari
- Dr. Gabor Mate
- Dr. Sandrine Thuret
- Dr. Bruce Lipton

There will be an opening story that is a modernized version of an ancient one, reinterpreted and renamed as Dilectus and Cawr, used as an analogy to illuminate how the mind works. 

You will be provided with a handout to follow and fill in throughout the talk.

2. Three Programs We All Share: Nostalgia Of The Womb (original)

Let’s get specific by delving deeper into some of the "software" we all share and how they affect the body's function, our perception of love and relationships, as well as most important of all, our perception of ourselves, which will entail a touch upon the works of:

- Alain de Botton: School of Life
- Dr. Marshall Rosenberg: Non-Violent Communication
- Dr. Eric Berne: Transactional Psychotherapy
- Dr. Carl Gustav Jung: We won't have time to get down and dirty with my favorite Jungian concept by Dr. Carl Gustav Jung here, but this will be the star of No. 3. Here we will introduce the concept of the Archetypes.

These are some of my own favorite thinkers/educators who have influenced my life, who I am, as well as my coaching system.

It would be great to have a piece of paper and a pen along. Making some notes for the purpose of self-observation will be a part of this event.

3. Introduction (I) to the Anima and Animus: The Greek Myth of Psyche and Eros

Psyche is her name. She is benign, she is glorious, she is frail – a mortal human embodying the Heroine’s journey to enlightenment. She stands for us all. Yes, even you who identify as male.

If you enjoy stories and a little something more than the sheer entertainment factor they bring to our lives, join me on the third part of our workshop: No. 3: SHE: Understanding Feminine Psychology.

This will be just over an hour of storytelling and interpretation based on the Greek mythical story of Princess Psyche and her journey to immortality. Her ancient but refreshing story cuts through the fairytale bullshit we’ve been raised with through Hollywood, programming us with false perceptions and expectations of the “blueprint” of a woman’s life and of “relationship”. Light will be shed on the male-female energy dynamic within. You will have a small handout to follow the journey in alignment with your own, as each step unfolds.

This is Psyche’s journey, and although it’s tempting to suppose it to be a woman’s journey, it is not, in the least, restricted to women. Psyche is a feminine energy. She lies either dormant or active in each and every man as well. You’ll want to meet and greet her with a gentle kiss on the forehead.

Join to be inspired.

4. Introduction (II) to the Anima and Animus: The Greek Myth of Parsifal and The Holy Grail

On its way!

5. The Emotional Scale (I): A fresh Take on the Story of David and Bathsheba

Coming soon!

6. The Emotional Scale (II): The Real Beauty and the Beast: Bluebeard, and other Fairytales

Coming soon!

7. The Female Energy in Focus: A Fresh Perspective on the Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Coming soon!


“My experience with Hoda Zekavat couldn't have been better. She empowered me with great tools to deliver a better public speech, made me feel completely safe, relaxed and gain confidence in our session. She is a very sensitive and practical person. That means that she not only noticed me and my own needs, crafting something to my limitations and urgency but she managed to do that in a very short period of time, so I could see results instantly. It was amazing to see someone who can not only see how you could improve but also take you there in such a straightforward, smooth and fulfilling way. Thank you."

Livia Zimermann A. Durigan

“The coaching session with you was fantastic! Thank you! A new inner door was being opened.  I highly recommend Hoda!  You would love her charming way to bring you a step ahead. Many thanks.”

Hazel HooHerzog

“It was such a wonderful experience to join this life coaching workshop. I learned alot about life and brain techniques and meditation. Many thanks for the intelligent coach Hoda Zekavat”

Rashad Idris

“Having a one-to-one session with Hoda is like having the benefit of reading 100s of books and getting all of her wisdom on a weekly basis. She has totally changed my perspective on life. Her positive energy is contagious and it really just does something for my spirit. She has motivated me in every step of my professional and my personal life.

I feel truly blessed to have met you and through you so many other beautiful people. Thank you Hoda!”

Amra Kötschau-Krilic

"I didn’t really know what to expect from my session with Hoda, it was a truly eye opening and deeply moving experience. She gave me some tools to change my mindset and I feel like they have already had a positive impact. I can truly recommend her to anyone who is looking for some guidance and inspiration in their lives.”

Eva Japp

"Hoda Zekavat is an incredibly authentic and heartfelt human being - she's helped me deal with personal challenges including the loss of a parent as well as self-doubt and criticism."

David Miro Grund

He who knows others is wise,
he who knows himself is enlightened.

Lao Tzu


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