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Love your Phalva workshop is the heart of Phalva.

It is a comprehensive series of workshops that start out by shedding light on how we become who we are as adults, and the interplay of the brain and body (your greatest tools). They soon segue into the focal topic of how the male-female energy dynamic has affected who we are today and how we tend to cope in relationships because of this dynamic, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

In order to master these tools, I’ve created workshops that hinge on performative storytelling, because I believe stories, myths and their dramatization are the backbone of deeply grasping any concept. The stories chosen are those we were inevitably exposed to growing up, but with a fresh take that aims to clarify our focus on the mind and all that it encompasses, including our most vital need: relationships.

Love your Phalva workshop series and the stories they are based on:

1. Who Am I? Dilectus and Cawr

We all have so many voices in our heads that hinder our goals. We'd much prefer they weren't there. But they're in each and every one of our minds and we're not only fed up with them, we feel the urgency to do something about them.

This workshop is a step you can take to that end:

We'll cover five elements that shape who we are, how the child's mind is programmed and when it all begins, then move onto the wonderful news of how the adult mind can be "reprogrammed" (i.e. unlearn old beliefs and habits and replace them with ones that serve you).


- Dr. Carl Gustav Jung
- Dr. Yuval Harari
- Dr. Gabor Mate
- Dr. Sandrine Thuret
- Dr. Bruce Lipton

There will be an opening story that is a modernized version of an ancient one, reinterpreted and renamed as Dilectus and Cawr, used as an analogy to illuminate how the mind works. 

You will be provided with a handout to follow and fill in throughout the talk.

2. Three Programs We All Share: Nostalgia Of The Womb (original)

Let’s get specific by delving deeper into some of the "software" we all share and how they affect the body's function, our perception of love and relationships, as well as most important of all, our perception of ourselves, which will entail a touch upon the works of:

- Alain de Botton
- Dr. Marshall Rosenberg
- Dr. Eric Berne
- Dr. Carl Gustav Jung

These are some of my own favorite thinkers/educators who have influenced my life and my coaching system.

It would be great to have a piece of paper and a pen along. Taking notes for the purpose of introspection is an important part of this event.

3. Introduction (I) to the Anima and Animus: The Greek Myth of Psyche and Eros

Psyche is her name. She is benign, she is glorious, she is frail – a mortal human embodying the Heroine’s journey to enlightenment. She stands for us all. Yes, even you who identify as male.

If you enjoy stories and a little something more than the sheer entertainment factor they bring to our lives, join me in SHE: Understanding Feminine Psychology (inspired by Dr. Robert Johnson)

This will be just over an hour of storytelling and interpretation based on the Greek mythical story of Princess Psyche and her journey to immortality. Her ancient but refreshing story cuts through the fairytale bull we’ve been raised with through Hollywood, programming us with false perceptions and expectations of the “blueprint” of a woman’s life and of “relationship”. Light will be shed on the male-female energy dynamic within. You will have a small handout to follow the journey in alignment with your own, as each step unfolds.

This is Psyche’s journey, and although it’s tempting to suppose it to be a woman’s journey, it is not, in the least, restricted to women. Psyche is a feminine energy. She lies either dormant or active in each and every man as well. You’ll want to meet and greet her with a gentle kiss on the forehead.

Join to be inspired.

4. Introduction (II) to the Anima and Animus: The Greek Myth of Parsifal and The Holy Grail

On its way!

5. The Emotional Scale (I): A fresh Take on the Story of David and Bathsheba

Coming soon!

6. The Emotional Scale (II): The Real Beauty and the Beast: Bluebeard, and Narcissus & Echo

Coming soon!

7. The Female Energy in Focus: A Fresh Perspective on the Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Coming soon!

He who knows others is wise,
he who knows himself is enlightened.

Lao Tzu

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