I am not who I was yesterday, 

     for I have learned something new today.

Hoda Zekavat, founder of Phalva Coaching, is a transformation coach trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She sees her role as a catalyst of transformation through Inner Child Healing and exploring the effects of the individual’s inner masculine-feminine energy dynamics on their external reality.

The subject matter of Hoda’s work revolves around childhood and generational trauma, which she’s aware is not a popular topic, so with two decades of experience in language teaching, coaching, theatre and voice acting, she has made it her mission to raise awareness on difficult truths and contribute to collective healing through edutainment, analogizing, storytelling, dramatization, and levity – all doused in a solid serving of authenticity, and openness to explore the human experience with brutal honesty and radical responsibility.

Hoda was born in Iran into a strict religious environment, but was raised in Canada, where she became a Christian convert, and was taken back to Iran as a teenager.

In her search for truth, she became agnostic for several years in her twenties, then Muslim for several months, only to find that the truth isn't to be found outside oneself.

Hoda’s journey of liberation from black and white thinking has been lengthy and painful, impassioning her to create a course series called Know Yourself Know Power.

KYKP takes the individual from self-awareness to healing, to goal-oriented self-leadership within a year.

In her sessions, through hypnosis and/or shadow work, she lovingly leads her clients where healing can be achieved—where we all fear to go most. The result of a session with Hoda has been said to be renewed energy, clarity, peace, motivation, and readiness for what’s ahead.

Remember, saying goodbye to the old ways isn’t saying goodbye to your roots; it’s simply choosing what it is you want to keep, and disempowering what no longer serves you.

He who knows others is wise,
he who knows himself is enlightened.

Lao Tzu


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